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18-Month Photo




Age: 18-months old
Favorite things: Elmo, waffles, butterflies, socks & shoes

Papa’s Got a Brand New Bike

Here’s Daddy on his Harley. In this pic we were about to shorten the pants as they come in super long sizes. They’ll protect skin in the event of a fall and skid. The boots protect up past the ankles. The helmet comes with a high safety rating. The jacket is on its way in the mail. Yes, this is a lot of protection for a Harley man. He will most definitely get some grief for that, but safety comes first :-) Next come three days of driving instruction then he’s on the road.


Group Shots are Hard



I can never get everybody to look at the camera at the same time. It’s even harder with kids. Maybe if I’d been dressed in a chicken costume… Anyway, here’s Baby B with a group of cousins & friends. It’s amazing that kids ranging in age from 1 to 17 can all get along so well.

Apes and Monkeys


Daddy hates monkey embellishments and accessories. But that doesn’t mean Baby B can’t learn all about them. This is one of the 3-D books Chic-Fil-A gives out. I learned quite a bit reading this over and over to Baby B. It beats the cheap throw-away plastic toys you get from Mickie Dees. The food’s better too.

There’s a New Baby in Town

Baby B got together with her cousins on her grandparent’s anniversary. Shocked that she was no longer the only baby in the house, she demanded to be carried everywhere. She was also not amused when Mom-mom held the new baby who is exactly one year younger, almost to the day. Her youngest cousin, bottom right, looks just like a doll baby.


18-Month Update


Baby B is nearing her 18-month milestone. So I’m planning to get her pictures for that up in within a week. For now, I’m putting a list of the words she knows and uses without coaching or help. I add a word or two every day, it’s amazing how quickly young minds take in and connect information. I thought a list like this would help me in the process of learning a new language. It should also be cute looking back in a few years.

Mommy, Daddy, Cat, Yeah, Uh-Oh, Bye Bye, No
Ball, Apple, Meow, Beep Beep, what’s that (wusstatt),
Naji (ajee), Nanu, Elmeada (Meena), Chris (wissss), Pablo (paboo), Mom mom, Pop pop, Night night
Where’s Mommy, Where’s Daddy, You see daddy? You see it? I see it! Elmo.
Pee pee, Poo Poo
Banana, Book, Doggy, House, Hello, Hi, Goodbye, Shhhh! Be nice!
Duck, Juice, Butterfly (ah fly), box, owl, face, nose, hair, teeth, shoes, turtle, stars
“Hohova”, (non-English words: Kitap, Anne, Evet), Amen, Bible, All done!
Maya (Mao), Ti-ti (my nephew calls me this), Aw man! Oh no! I’ll be back! Sike! (as in—just kidding)
Baby, cheese, eggs, fish, waffles, light, Ouch! Hey! Ribbit, High Five! Down! Good morning. Oops!
Sky, airplane, sun, mine, horsie, upstairs, outside, sit down, coffee (ahfee), hot tea, fly, towel
Happy, trash, dirty, so, please (peese), bottle , potty, mouth
Swing (weeee!), spoon, hand, flower, bathtub, bubbles, yes, socks, window
What, yeah, wow, broom
Blocks (bahks), backpack, phone, knee, ice
Yours, hat, Max, bottom (bobbem), What’s name? umbrella, bike, balloon (boooon)
Me, you, (she gets these mixed up), Wawa, food, good night, wait wait, Here you go! lollipop, stop
Milk=”Noose” (not sure where this one came from)
(Knowingly whispers gibberish in your ear, and also saying longer incomprehensible sentences)
(approx 120 words and counting)

Here’s Baby B and Daddy at the Sesame Street exhibit at Franklin Institute. She went straight to Elmo’s house and didn’t want to leave.

Summer 2014

Baby B has been all over this summer. Here are a few pics.

A Princess Party

Baby B was invited to a baby shower. All the girls dressed as princesses to welcome the new baby to the kingdom. She had a great time watching the bigger kids, playing with bubbles, eating cake and ice cream, and especially bippin and boppin to some music.



Fire breathing castle dragon:

From Bodybag to Bar-B-Que

Poor lil piggie…. Not really! We enjoyed eating a chunky piglet this past weekend. BVJr and family stuck the porker up on a rotisserie for 12 hours and carved him up the next afternoon. Also check out our cake and party sign.(Ideas nabbed from some creative Pinterest boards. Thanks ya’ll.)

Photo by E.W. Faircloth

Photo by E.W. Faircloth


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